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how to cheat in poker
how to cheat in poker
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1、Invisible Ink Mark Poker

invisible ink on the back of pokers, it can't seen by naked eyes, but you can see the invisible marked of the cards by special contact lenses . the poker and card packaging are exactly the same as the original ones, You can't find any difference

invisible ink:
invisible Light is invisible to human eyes, including the familiar ultraviolet, infrared, far infrared and so on. The average human eye can sense electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers.We used this property to make invisible ink
When you applying the contact lenses,and put the marked poker on table, then you can see the suit and number .the Invisible ink is invisible to the naked eye and only can be seen by contact lenses ,so it can help the players to cheat in poker games and help you win poker games

2 Ordinary card cheating Props
If you want to cheat on ordinary cards, we also have cheating poker device, such as perspective tables, and our new product applications. Our new device also hide the camera anywhere, such as lighters, coins, wallets, mobile phones, etc., when the camera scans To the number on the playing card, our device will tell you the number

we have good poker cheating device: poker analyzer. it can know the results of the poker game in advance. We hide the camera on the side of the phone. because the camera is inside the phone, it is invisible to the naked eye

We print the invisible ink on the side of the playing cards. The ink is not seen by the naked eyes. Only our scanner camera can see it. Our barcode marked cards are printed with invisible ink, and work with poker analyzer.

We can hide the poker camera anywhere,Such as watches, drinking glasses, energy-saving lamps, televisions, etc. The camera can scan the invisible bar code on the side of the barcode poker. Then the analyzer process the information and give the result of the poker game. The analyzer sends the signal to the earphone, then you can hear the result and win the game.

How to use the poker analyzer?

First turn on the analysis application(Our analysis application is hidden ) of the poker cheating analyzer, and then select the poker game to play to ensure that the correct poker rules are set.( We have a control switch that can control the number of people)

When you use the poker analyzer, you can turn the screen off when you put it on the table. Or you don't need to put the poker analyzer on the table, but at this time you need to equip an external scanner camera, such as clothes scanner camera, a lighter scanner camera, a power bank scanner camera,watch scanner camera and so on. Our scanning lens can be hidden anywhere, you can tell us where you want to install

Next, point the poker scanner camera at side of the marked playing cards . the poker scanner camera will automatically recognize, automatically focus and automatically scan the marked playing cards. The poker analyzer will tell you the game result.(Our analyzer can tell you where to deal cards to win games),You can get the result by vibrator or mini earphone

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